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About Us

  • An international training center with multiple activities in various fields of training. It was established with the approval of the General Investment Authority, Arab Republic of Egypt. It has a future vision since its inception, a national vision that promotes raising human efficiency and preparing and qualifying leaders in various fields at the hands of a group of training experts in all Arab, African and European countries. .
  • We have trained many companies, institutions, organizations, NGOs and individuals internationally and locally
  • Concluding several cooperation protocols (business partners) in the same regard with expert houses in Egypt, Arab, African and European countries in the same activity for the success of the training

our Vision

Our Vision . To take the lead in regional and international training


Providing the highest quality training services at the regional and international levels to prepare and qualify human cadres in various fields for the advancement of nations in the future.

our strategy

Preparing and qualifying human cadres to cover the needs of the labor market Developing and updating training programs according to the needs of the labor market Providing the best training programs to meet the needs of our clients Providing the best experts and consultants in the field of training Training and development for employment

Why choose us

The International Center is one of the largest training centers in Egypt and the Arab world. It is a leading center that offers clients from all over the world an opportunity to obtain new knowledge, learn new useful skills and search for friends for life.
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Team Members

Assistant Professor of Environmental Education at the Institute of Environmental Studies and Research at Ain Shams University and a member of the Environment Committee of the Supreme Council

Prof. Dr. Mohamed Medhat Kamel Ibrahim - Professor of Accounting - Faculty of Commerce - Ain Shams University

Prof .DR/ Mahmoud Ramadan Mohamed Ammar DR/ FINANCE AND INVESTMENT Faculty of Commerce & Business Admin - Helwan University

Prof. Dr. / Abdel-Masih Samaan Abdel-Masih Youssef Professor of Curricula and Methods of Teaching Science (Environmental and Scientific Education) Vice Dean of the Institute for Environmental Studies and Research for Postgraduate Studies and Research - Ain Shams University

Advisor for the training sector in occupational security and safety at the International Center for the Preparation and Qualification of Leaders in Egypt and an expert in security training in Egypt and the Arab world and the international governance of shooting

Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Sami Qarni Doctor of Laws - Ain Shams University

Mr. Major General / Ahmed Assem Abdel Fattah Former Assistant Minister of Interior and security expert

Professor of Management and Strategic Planning and expert in human development and management development - Ain Shams University

Professor Dr. Hikmat Ibrahim - Doctor of Philosophy Accounting and auditing teacher - Ain Shams University - Doctor of Philosophy

Our Advisors

Gamal Abdel-Radi, consultant and strategic expert in preparing leaders for sustainable development and digital transformation for the Egyptian state, and a certified trainer In International Business Administration and Institutions Cabinet / Expert for Strategic Planning and Development - Naval Academy - League of Arab States and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Misr Al-Hedaya Foundation for the Integration and Development of People with Disabilities for the Arab Republic of Egypt