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Remote Training

Remote Training

On Line Training Using the communication technology and computer technologies in the distance training process, and the communication is between the trainer and the trainee.

The remote training system allows training courses to be received from a source far from the location of the training sessions at the same high speed and at the same time of implementation. Reat Time Application coursesن التنفيذ الدورات التدريبية Reat Time Application

This system enables the broadcasting of live training courses with high efficiency where the trainee can participate from his own company or from home or from any place far from the headquarters of the training courses from Egypt or outside Egypt

Benefits of distance education:

Convenience as it provides convenience between the trainer and the trainee.

Flexibility - the trainee has the option to participate as desired.

Impact and effectiveness The research conducted on the remote training system has proven to be equal to or greater than the impact and effectiveness of the traditional training system when these techniques are used efficiently.

Advantages of distance training:

The trainee and trainer do not need to be in one place to exchange information. The trainee can listen to the trainer's lecture electronically on-line via the Internet even if the trainee is at home or in a country other than the country in which the training takes place. The lectures can also be broadcasted electronically in text, audio or video over the Internet from the center's headquarters

Textual text (using Adobe Acrobat format) or;

Audio (using Streaming Real Audio format) or;

Visual Visual (using Streaming Real Video, Streaming Net Show, or Compressed MPEG)