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The English language is studied according to the general European framework of reference for language learning.
Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​(CEFR)
Which places the English language in 6 major levels A1, A2, B1, B2.C1, C2
Introductory level
A1 Beginner 2 level 60 hours
Basic level
A2 Elementary 3 level 60 hours
Intermediate level
B 1 Intermediate 3 level 60 hours
The level is above average
B 2 Upper Intermediate 3 level 60 hours
The advanced level
C 1 Advanced 2 level 60 hours
Mastery level
C 2 Proficiency 1 level 60 hours
Toefl Test Preparation Course
Toefl 2 level 60 hours
Teaching takes place through the largest internationally accredited curriculum for teaching the English language from the most prestigious international institutions for learning the English language, through which it aims to qualify you and obtain internationally accredited certificates for English language proficiency.
The center provides a placement test before joining the educational program in order to ensure the level of linguistic knowledge and then join the most suitable programs for you.
We also have special programs for engineers, doctors and businesses who want to learn the English language for work or travel purposes. And also programs for speaking skills in detail and dialogue skills for those wishing to work in the field of customer service.
It is not required that you have previous knowledge of the English language, the current level will be determined and you will be enrolled in the appropriate program for you. Another test will be held to determine the level after the end of the educational program to stand at the level again.
Stages of application and registration to study the English language
Fill out the application form (first stage)
Placement test (second stage)
• The emergence of the result and registration (third stage)
The first stage
• Fill out the application form and specify the test date
Pay the exam fees
• Receive the receipt of payment of fees (test fees)
• the test
The second phase
• Attendance on the day specified for the test
• Attendance 20 minutes before the appointment and bring the original proof of identity
• At the end of the test, the date and time of the result will be announced
• Exam fees are not refunded for any reason in the event of no attendance, in the case of another test, new fees will be collected
third level
• Attendance at the specified time and time to know the academic level
• Choose the timing and hour for studying
• Payment of school fees
• Receipt of the receipt of payment of the tuition fees
Receive the course schedule (days and hours)

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