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CFA Certificate Financial Advisor

Certificate financial advisor CFA

An advisory certificate to prepare the participant to be a financial advisor who is able to anticipate financial problems and how to provide the necessary financial advice in the right time to achieve efficiency and effectiveness in financial performance.
The participants
Managers, representatives, assistants, legal accountants, financial accountants in banks, financial accountants in companies, financial accountants in insurance companies, financial accountants in the stock exchange and securities, all workers who work in the financial sector
Scientific content
• Skills and self-abilities of a financial advisor
• Skills of gathering and analyzing facts
• Situational analysis and assessment skills
• Skills of preparing financial performance reports and the art of presentation and presentation.
• The nature of the advisory service.
• The concept of advisory service.
• The objectives of the advisory service.
• The scope of the advisory service.
• Standards for the performance of the advisory service
• Financial models for consulting services
• Preparing and evaluating economic feasibility studies.
• Preparing and evaluating privatization programs for corporations and companies.
• Preparing and evaluating financial structures. Preparing and evaluating the macro and micro performance.
• An applied laboratory and a workshop on.
Reducing operating costs. , Major resource development
The participant gets
• A financial advisor certificate accredited in Arabic and English by the International Center for Leadership Development and Qualification
• Financial advisor certificate certified and notarized by the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
• Certificate of appreciation for participation from the International Center for Leadership Development and Qualification, Egypt
Membership title with the title of Certified Financial Adviser (annual membership)
A bag containing the scientific material + block notes + pens (in the case of remote training, the scientific material only PDF))
• Registering a copy of the certificate on the center’s website, so you can inquire about it from any side.
General Terms
• He must have a Bachelor of Commerce from one of the accredited Egyptian, Arab or foreign universities, or higher institutes that have obtained equivalency approval from the Supreme Council of Universities.
• That he practiced financial business for a period of not less than 3 years in the financial sector, at least.
• To have the desire to train and learn in the field of financial consulting.

Duration of training: one month
training hours 70 hours
Training System: Attended / On Line
The venue: Cairo / Saudi Arabia / Dubai / Kuwait / Sudan

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