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Quality Management Master MBA

Master of Quality Management
Master's tracks
Master of Quality Management, general quality track -
Master of Quality Management Healthcare Track -
Master of Quality Management Institutional Excellence Track -
Master of Quality Management, Corporate Governance track -
Master of Quality Management, Food Safety track -
Program Goals

The Professional Master's Program in Quality Management aims to provide a framework for specialized study in the field of quality management for all students with scientific backgrounds (businessmen, engineers, administrators, doctors, chemists, accountants, lawyers, pharmacists) to acquire theoretical and practical knowledge in this field. This program is designed to help participants develop their managerial and knowledge skills to develop their future professional lives, by achieving the following objectives:
• Graduating specialists in the field of quality management who have extensive operational knowledge of the concepts and practices of quality management, which enables them to integrate and adapt to various activities and institutions in work environments.
• Develop quality management professionals with broad operational knowledge of quality management concepts and practices who can adapt to a wide range of organizations and environments.
• Develop problem-solving and decision-making skills and enable future managers to identify, analyze and solve complex and unstructured problems.
• Provide graduates with the necessary skills to plan and organize activities related to managing the quality of products, services and processes in their field of work.
• Commitment to the international standards in force in the world's major universities in the field of design, evaluation and contents of this program, which ensures continuous updating and development, and this will be reflected positively on the skills and efficiency of providing other academic programs.
Achieving these goals depends on the integrated methodology by linking theoretical studies with practical experiences and applied practices during the study period in the program.
The participant gets after graduation
Professional Master’s Degree in Quality Management from the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport accredited by the Supreme Council of Universities.
Admission and registration requirements
Master of Professional Quality Management, which is achieved for all applicants from all university majors, provided that they meet the admission requirements set by the College of Graduate Studies in Management for applicants to the program, which qualifies for the DBA professional doctoral program
- To be holders of a first university degree (Bachelor's or Bachelor's degree) from one of the universities recognized by the Supreme Council of Egyptian Universities, with the grade required in accordance with the admission requirements for each of the postgraduate programs offered by the Academy and the conditions of the Supreme Council of Egyptian Universities.
The duration of the study is two years, 4 semesters, the duration of each semester is 6 months, each semester is divided into two halves (3 months).
The minimum master's study is two academic years and the maximum is 5 academic years
A comprehensive case test is held after completing the courses
Not being enrolled in any postgraduate studies inside or outside the academy when joining the program
For graduation, administrative and financial obligations are required
- The applicant is considered enrolled in the program upon completing the registration form and paying the registration fees, noting that the registration fees are not refundable
Program requirements
The student studies 16 academic courses (4 courses per semester) (48 credit hours) and obtains a cumulative average of no less than 3.0 out of 4.0.
Lectures dates
Every Saturday from 3:00 to 9:00
The mid-semester exam is held in the fifth week from the beginning of the study, and the final exam is held in the tenth week
Required Documents
Original graduation certificate -
The original equation in the case of graduation from a private university -
Image of the card
A copy of the passport and a letter from the embassy approving the study at the academy (for non-Egyptians) -

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